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SAML – Azure AD AADSTS75011: authentication method x509 Multifactor

introduction I had some trouble with an Azure AD integration with a 3.party SAML application. The users got Azure AD prompt, with the error below: Related to the failed login screen below, most logins were successful and looking into the user getting failure, the problem could first seem like it was related to pilot users (including myself of course 🙂 ) with passwordless, since the application had not been changed the last 13 months.

FEITIAN FIDO Keys for Passwordless

Introduction I have gotten some new FIDO keys from FEITIAN, and have done some testing to see how they work with Azure AD and Passwordless. So this Blogpost is more like the following up series, from the last post Heard about Feitan ? I certainly never heard about them before, and first came across FEITIAN, when Microsoft announced the partners for FIDO support. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Azure-Active-Directory-Identity/Microsoft-passwordless-partnership-leads-to-innovation-and-great/ba-p/566493 Looking more into FEITIAN FIDO support, it sure looked interesting since they have the possibility for Biometrics like Fingerprint.

Passwordless with Windows 10 and Yubikey

Look at these guys! They are so happy, they have gotten their Yubikey’s and are ready for some Passwordless Authentication with Windows 10. Introduction In March I posted a blog post about using Yubikey with Azure AD, So this post is a follow-up since Microsoft now has support for passwordless and Fido2 with Windows 10 (still only preview). In his post, I will go through the steps regarding configuring passwordless in Intune, Azure AD and Windows 10 with Yubico.

Intune – iOS Company Portal not downloading (user affinity)

KEEP CALM AND COMPANY PORTAL WILL COME quote Introduction In 2019, I have been working on an MDM iOS migration project from Jamf to Intune. In this project, we got some problems regarding Intune and Company Portal (VPP) not being downloaded with User affinity Enrollment profiles for iOS. Trough this post I want to give some more insight/details regarding this issue, and how we “Solved” (workaround) it. One of the technical requirements for Intune was to improve security and end-user experience, with automatically installing Company portal (CP) with Volume Purchase Program (VPP) during enrollment, and not requiring any Apple ID for all Business Application.

Yubico with Azure AD MFA

Introduction Yubikey 5C and Yubikey NFC I recently bought the Yubikey 5C and Yubikey NFC from yubico.com. Yubico is in short summary a company behind Yubikey hardware auth device supporting (OTP / FIDO2) protocols. You can read much more information and details at yubico.com. Since I’m Interested In Security and Identity authentication, I wanted to do more testing with Azure MFA for OATH hardware tokens (public preview) and Windows 10 Passwordless (private preview).

Azure Migrate <3 GDPR

I have been following the development of Azure Migrate since my first trip to Ignite in 2017, and have been looking forward to getting this to EU regions, but I have been waiting with patience 🙂 The first time I thought Microsoft was to release Azure Migrate for EU Regions, was back in TechSummit in Paris, March 2018. The release would have been a perfect fit since Microsoft was going to release new Azure data center France regions.