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Upgrade Packer JSON template to HCL2 for Azure Virtual Desktop

Introduction From my last blog post link /azure-image-builder-or-packer-for-wvd/ , I used a JSON packer template, and I promised a new blog post regarding how to upgrade to HCL2. HashiCorp recommends using the HCL2 as from version 1.7.0, so it’s about time, I finally do the switch! The documentation Packer is really good, so I will basically just follow along with their documentation to see If I struck any challenges. https://learn.hashicorp.com/tutorials/packer/hcl2-upgrade

Azure Virtual Desktop Published Application and Scaling issues with DPI

Introduction To scale or not to scale, thats todays question with Azure Virtual Desktop Lately, I have had a compelling problem with Azure Virtual Desktop where a customer had problems with scaling a Line of business application (LOB) as a published application. Text, icons, and fonts became blurry, especially for users who only used laptops as the primary screen, and changing back and forth between primary and secondary screens with different resolutions & screen scaling.

Troubleshooting Azure Virtual Desktop Monitoring

Introduction I was recently involved in a project to troubleshoot some performance issues on Azure Virtual Desktop related to some users who reported connection error “The remote resource can’t be reached” Check your connection and try again” when connecting to Azure Virtual Desktop. When the user connected 2-3 times they could eventually connect. So I naturally started the troubleshooting by looking into Azure Monitor Insights for Azure Virtual Desktop. But when opening the Azure Monitor Dashboard I did not get access to the Utilization, Host Diagnostics, Host Performance, or Alerts.

Azure Image Builder or Packer for Azure Virtual Desktop

Introduction So you’re in the situation seeking to automate Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) image creation. You have discovered Packer and Azure Image Builder, but do not know which to use. Hopefully, I will as short as possible try to make sense of the differences, and why you fancy one of them depending on your scenario. Lucky for you it’s no wrong answer, the secret is that you use packer either way 🙂

0x80004005 office shared computer activation with Windows Virtual Desktop

Introduction I was recently involved in troubleshooting shared computer activation with Office on a WVD hostpool image using the latest 20h2-evd-o365pp-g2 image sku and Microsoft 365 Business Premium for Office. To start with the Troubleshooting this was the only error that occurred for end user trying to activate. account issue error code 0x80004005 The Image was using “20h2-evd-o365pp-g2″ from the Azure gallery image. So all the settings should be correct regarding Shared activation.

FEITIAN Contactless reader with FIDO2

Introduction I had some fun with the FEITIAN Contactless Reader Demo with FIDO2. https://www.ftsafe.com/Products/Card_Reader/Contactless Created a short demo to showcase how it can be used with the FIDO2 in Azure AD using an NFC security key. This looks like a good use case for shared devices or multi-user device. Use Coupon CODE Stein-20 when you buy it. This will support my channel and give you some discount! 🙂 You can buy FEITIAN products: